Feb. 28th, 2011

...and I need to frame this for myself before she gets here.

First, this is good practice for when Mom and Dad come. It's going to be an exercise, particularly in letting go and not being attached to certain activities. Even more important, to not be disappointed if I don't get the reaction I wanted to something that I care about.

She's not going to be enthusiastic, or effusive, or open. She's going to bother me with her negativity, and I am not going to respond. I am going to keep positive, and bring all my patience to bear. This is going to test me.

On the other hand, this is an opportunity to spend some time with my sister, get to know her a little more. It's an opportunity to check my boundaries and learn a little about myself, as well. It's possible that I have it in my power to ensure that we both have a good time. I can at least make sure that I am not miserable myself. If we can just relax and enjoy the time together, everything will be fine. I think I can help set that tone. I will, in any event, do my best not to lose my temper.

On another topic, today is "right speech." I had a really great time with my class today, and spread lots of loving and encouraging words around. I wasn't aware that it was right speech day, to be honest, but some part of me must have known.

It was really fun to be back, I have to say. What a fantastic class I've got.



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